Thomas Yingst

My lifelong interest in fitness and healthful eating was instilled in me by my father, who was a body builder in the 1940's when few were training that way. I was inspired to set the goal of riding a bicycle from Frazer to Miami, FL at age 17. A friend and I completed the ride in under two weeks.

As an avid cyclist (3,000 miles per season) and skier, among other outdoor pursuits, I have come to realize the importance of staying in the best shape possible to enable the best quality of life as the years roll by.

I have embraced personal training as a second career, attaining a certification from W.I.T.S., (The World Instructor Training School). I feel fortunate to have found Robert's to complete an internship for that program. The energy, compassion and motivation here at Robert's is empowering. As a member of the team I will be delighted to use my knowledge and experience to help you to reach your health and fitness goals.