Edna Valentino

How badly do you want it? That's Edna Valentino when she's pushing herself to the limit.  She lives for competition because she believes that you should always be competing against yourself. It's more of a mental game than a physical one when you commit to health and fitness and it has nothing to do with anyone but YOU! How much harder are YOU willing to push yourself? What more can YOU sacrifice to get the results YOU want?

This drive and discipline allowed Edna to run a marathon in 1999, win 2 bodybuiding competitions, and be a fitness model on the :08 Core and the :08 Pilates DVD's you may have seen on television (That's her on both covers!). If you are looking for an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer to motivate you through a challenging, personalized workout that will get you results, call Edna right now!

(Check out www.EdnaValentino.com for competition and modeling pictures.)