Denise Mancini

HARD WORK PAYS OFF......SWEAT IT!... YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT! Denise Mancini-Mihalo has over 20 years of exercise and fitness experience. She has certifications through AFFA as a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She is also certified through Les Mills as a BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP and BODYFLOW instructor as well as TurboKick and Zumba. These certifications have taken her to many places in the fitness industry. Denise has participated in PhillyFit Workout-A-Thon as a presenter for Zumba, appeared on QVC with Billy Blanks and also appeared in an instructional training video by Exercise Inc.

She has worked in many different types of fitness facilities and health clubs including Fort Campbell Military Base in Kentucky as well as Volant Fitness Center in Downingtown. Her roles have included customer service director, group fitness instructor and personal trainer; just to name a few.
Her motto is "HARD WORK PAYS OFF"... fitness has been a big part of Denise's life. Her passion brings a high level of commitment to helping others understand exercise and the importance of making it an enjoyable part of their life. Denise has not just brought her experience wither her to Roberts One on One, she has brought her Passion, Commitment and Excitement to Roberts One on One.